My School

Why learn Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a simple and effective martial art that was developed for regular people to protect themselves. It develops your body's natural "Structure" to withstand incoming force and/or pressure. This same Structure also allows you to issue large amounts of power (regardless of your size) at short range. Wing Chun improves your coordination so you can use the left and right sides of your body equally, which is important because Wing Chun believes in simultaneous attack and defense. The most important aspect of Wing Chun, though, is not is mental. Wing Chun develops your "Yi" (Chinese word meaning "Intention" or "Mind"), which teaches you to be more focused, aware of your surroundings, to look for alternatives to confrontation, and to have more patience and understanding with yourself and your fellow human beings.

A "Kung Fu Family"...

At my "Kwoon" (Chinese for "Kung Fu School") behind my home, I teach semi-private lessons, which means I intentionally keep my class size small (10 students or less) because I want my students to get the most out of the instruction. I've spent a long time learning Wing Chun. I have a lot of love and respect for it, and I want my students to learn to love and respect Wing Chun as I do, but that takes hard work and time. While we work hard, though, we have fun! It's this balance of a small group, training, and comraderie that makes us a "Kung Fu Family". If this sounds good to you, use the links above to learn more. They answer most of the questions that people have about Wing Chun, me, and my classes. After some reading, you can contact me with the link above, as well. Thanks and enjoy!

LWC is dedicated to my "Sifu" (Chinese for "Teacher"). Thank you for showing me the way, brother.
*Updated January 2017*